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Criminal Justice: eBooks

About eBooks at Wor-Wic

Wor-Wic Library Services offers eBooks through our online databases. If you accessing our database from off campus, you will need to log in with your username and password (same as your blackboard login).

Potential subject headings to aid in your search: Criminology, Criminal law or justice, DNA profiling, Juvenile offenders or justice,  Forensic science or psychology and, Computer security.

When you conduct a search, you can limit your search to eBooks (will be on the right of the search results page). 

Below are examples of eBook offerings in our databases.


Criminal Justice

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Complicated Lives: Girls, Parents, Drugs, and Juvenile Justice
Complicated Lives focuses on the lives of sixty-five drug-using girls in the juvenile justice system (living in group homes, a residential treatment center, and a youth correctional facility) who grew up in families characterized by parental drug use, violence, and child maltreatment. 

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 Exception: A Texas County's Dream for Realizing Juvenile Justice
One of the key premises for creating a separate criminal justice system for juveniles was that juveniles were not the same as adults, and could therefore be rehabilitated. Despite this premise, still largely held today, the rate of recidivism for juveniles is dismal. 

Cultural Diversity

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Media Reporting and Racism Based Crime
Media Reporting and Racism based Crime considers various aspects of media reporting and racism based crime including anextensive overview of media reporting and racism based crime and related issues.

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Safety and Justice: How Communities Should Reduce Violence

 After falling steadily for decades, the rate of violent crime in the United States rose again in 2015 and 2016. Interactions between citizens and police too often end in violence. People are increasingly worried about safety in their communities. How should we ensure that Americans of every race and background are treated with respect and fairness? What should we do to ensure that the police have the support they need to fairly enforce the law? 



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The Art of Investigative Interviewing
 Details the techniques that can be used by interviewers in any setting to detect indications of deception and respond to them appropriately. 

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 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
 An original approach to understanding how psychologists impact the research, practice, and policy of crime, law, and justice. Written specifically for students, lay professionals, and practitioners, the text systematically examines police, court, and correctional aspects of forensic psychology.

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Scene of the Cybercrime: Computer Forensics Handbook
Covers Cybercrime from forensic investigation through prosecution.