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Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access (OA): Education

Resources for students and faculty that do not require a fee based subscription

What this page offers:

Free resources for lesson plan on a variety of educational levels. 

Coming soon:

Open access journals and books about education.

Curriculum/Lesson Plans for teachers


Census Lesson Plans

"Activities specially designed to be engaging and appropriate for your students' grade level, from counting for kindergarteners to examining career statistics for high schoolers. "


"If you are an educator, a learner or a parent interested in innovative learning, this is your place! Here you can find a selection of educational resources using digital culture"

Hippo Campus

" is a free, core academic web site that delivers rich multimedia content--videos, animation, and simulations--on general education subjects to middle-school and high-school teachers and college professors, and their students, free of charge"

NASA Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for kindergarten through adult education.

OER Commons

"OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum."


"Educator resources such as learning guides and digital activities."